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Ultrasound Diagnostic Device EMP-830

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Product Name: Ultrasound Diagnostic Device EMP-830
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Specifications EMP-830
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&|61548; Dual probe ports, optional wide-band/Multi-Frequency electronic convex array probe, linear probe, transvaginal probe and micro-convex probe.
&|61548; LCD screen, no flicker, alleviates eyes-tiredness.
&|61548; Dual power supply systems, working with external wide-scope voltage power adapter, or the lithium battery. Charging and working through vehicle inverter (DC-AC).
&|61548; Laser and Video Graphic printer applicable for the OB/GYN, Urological, Cardiological images and reports.
&|61548; USB ports available for image transfer. USB flash disk connectible, convenient for diagnosis and information sharing.
&|61548; Optional biopsy line which can be adjusted manually.
&|61548; 6-segment slider TGC and overall gain adjustment, easier to get the optimal images at any moments.
&|61548; Software packages including obstetrics, gynecology, urology, cardiology. GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, AFI, etc. methods are provided for the obstetrics measure. The measure of Uterus, Left/Right Ovary, Endometrial Thickness; Bladder, Left/ Right Kidney, Prostate; Left Ventricle, Left Ventricle, Left Atrium, Mitral Valve, Pulmonary Valve are also provided, reports generated automatically.
&|61548; Several obstetric measurement methods available or the user could define it by himself for specific clinical requirements.
&|61548; In single B-mode, enlarge the selected area by pressing down the key Zoom In. The enlarged area will be automatically optimized.
&|61548; 256-frame cineloop and 16-image permanent storage for the further disease research in clinical.
&|61548; Upgradeable software and biopsy acupuncture functions. To freeze or defreeze the images by pressing down footswitch.

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